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Best Mobile Phone Insurance Deals

For many people, losing their mobile phone is a real nightmare. Imagine losing your phone while on the bus, out shopping or at a party one Friday night. All your photographs, videos, memories, important information and contacts are lost and all you can think about is the expense of replacing your precious gadget.

For those who have insurance, there’s one less thing to worry about. If your phone can’t be recovered, at least you don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of pounds to purchase a new one. You might not think it can happen to you, but unfortunate things do happen, and it’s best to be prepared for the worse.

Since mobile phone insurance can be bought at quite cheap prices nowadays, you can still be covered even if you’re on a low budget. Some of the best mobile phone insurance deals are the cheapest ones, as even though they’re inexpensive, you’re still covered for all the most important things, like theft, accidental damage and loss. Budget Mobile Cover offers an insurance deal which covers your phone against those things from just £1.49 per month, and the excess is quite low too, making it affordable for everyone.


What is the Best Mobile Phone Insurance?

This is a question which will be answered differently depending on your experiences with certain companies, which companies you currently use and whether or not you would recommend a particular mobile phone insurance company.

Without a doubt, the best type of mobile phone insurance for many people will cover them against losses, theft, accidental damage, water damage and other things. It would also be quite cheap per month and have a low excess if anything went wrong and the owner had to make a claim. However, finding an insurance which is perfect for you can be quite difficult.

One of the companies which is considered to be the best is Protect Your Bubble. Insurance from this company will cover you against loss, theft and accidental damage, and will also cover you anywhere in the world. The monthly cost is quite low and the excess isn’t too expensive either.

Budget Mobile Cover is another company which is very cheap and has a lower excess than Protect Your Bubble. With a lower excess and a higher maximum cover, those on a budget should consider choosing this company for gadget insurance, whether it’s an iPhone, some other smart phone or a basic mobile phone.


Comparing Mobile Phone Insurance

When you get a new phone, one of the things which is very important is mobile phone insurance. Nowadays, mobile phones and smart phones can be quite expensive, and losing your phone when you have no insurance cover can leave you with a big bill to pay to cover the costs and buy a new phone.

As it’s so important to have phone insurance, make sure that you compare insurance prices and features thoroughly before making a decision about which insurance to buy. First of all, you should think about your budget. Don’t research into any insurance policies which are too expensive for you to afford. You will get better insurance for higher prices, but you can get sufficient insurance at much lower prices.

Check the features and choose an insurance that you think will be most beneficial for you. If you believe you’re likely to damage your phone accidentally, make sure that the insurance covers accidental damage. If you frequently leave the country, look for a policy which has some overseas cover.

If you’re unsure about which insurance to buy, ask a friend who has insurance cover to help you decide. Ask them which insurance they have and which insurance company they bought it from.


Best Value Mobile Phone Insurance

When looking for mobile phone insurance which is great value for money, here are some of the most important things to consider before purchasing any policies.

Firstly, consider the monthly price. Most insurance companies will allow customers to pay for their insurance by the month, although others may require a one-off payment for the whole year. Normally, you can save money by paying for the whole year upfront, so if you can afford this, it might be worth doing in order to save some extra cash.

Next, you should check the excess on the policy. If there is an excess which would be too high for you to pay, you should look at another policy. Some have a very low excess, although these usually have a slightly higher monthly cost. Think about how much money you could afford to pay if something went wrong with your phone, and then look for an excess which is around this amount or preferably below.

Finally, make sure you thoroughly read all the features of the policy. You don’t want to take out a policy which does not cover against water damage if you work near water and your phone is likely to be damaged by water. Also remember that it might not be worth paying extra for features which don’t apply to you, e.g paying for overseas cover if you never go abroad.


BetterBuyInsurance.co.uk Mobile Phone Insurance

BetterBuyInsurance.co.uk is a company which is able to provide mobile phone insurance for all mobile phones, including the very popular iPhones. When selecting a mobile phone policy, it’s very important that you make sure the policy is right for you and your phone before entering into a contract.

 Firstly, set yourself a budget. As mobile phone insurance is fairly cheap compared to some other insurances, you don’t have to set a very high budget to get great cover. You may benefit from a better plan if your budget is slightly higher, so work out what you can or cannot afford.

Next, read the features of each of the plans you are looking at. Do you regularly drop your phone? Do you work near water and could possibly damage your phone by water? Are you likely to lose your phone somewhere? Find cover for things which you think are most likely to go wrong.

Make sure you shop around in order to find the best deal. Some companies will beat any quote that you have found elsewhere on the internet, so it’s always worth trying to find the cheapest one possible and then contacting an insurance company who promises to beat that.


CheaperGadgetInsurance.co.uk Mobile Phone Insurance

CheaperGadgetInsurance.co.uk is an established website which offers phone owners and gadget owners the chance to get great cover for all their favourite items. Since electronic gadgets are becoming more popular every day and they are now being used to contact business clients, present new things in the office and even for classroom use, it’s more important than ever that you get proper cover in order to prevent any losses.

Your gadgets may already be covered by home and contents insurance, but a problem with this route is that the excess is often very high if something does go wrong, and you might find that it’s not even worth paying the excess in order to make a claim if anything happens to your mobile phone. With specialised gadget insurance, the excess is fairly small because the items which you are insuring are relatively small in relation to houses, cars and other home contents.

CheaperGadgetInsurance.co.uk enables customers to insure more than one gadget at a time. This is different from mobile phone insurance, which only allows a mobile phone to be insured. With CheaperGadgetInsurance.co.uk, you can insure your laptops, cameras, mobile phones and iPads all on the same insurance plan.


Protect Your Bubble Mobile Phone Insurance

Protect Your Bubble offers insurance for all of your favourite gadgets, including mobile phones and smart phones. With mobile phones already so popular in modern times, mobile phone insurance is something which many people consider to be an essential when working out their budgets.

Included in the mobile phone insurance deals from Protect Your Bubble are many different features. Your mobile phone will be covered against accidental damage, for example, dropping it on a concrete floor or accidentally dropping it in the sink. Cracked screens are also a big problem for phone owners, particularly smart phones, so this is covered too. Theft and breakdown are also included in the insurance policies, so there’s no need to worry about repair costs which are outside the manufacturer’s guarantee or if your phone is stolen.

When you insure two gadgets with Protect Your Bubble, you will have the opportunity to save 10%, and insuring three or more gadgets will help you save 15% on your insurance. If you have a mobile phone and a laptop, or you live with a partner who has a mobile phone too, insuring them all with the same company could be very beneficial in terms of helping you save some money.


The Need to have Mobile Insurance in Time for Summer Holiday 2013

While you’re getting your holiday insurance and other financial things sorted out this summer, don’t overlook mobile phone insurance. Losing your mobile phone or damaging it in your own country is bad enough, but it can be even worse if something happens to it when you’re abroad.

 The first reason why you should have mobile phone insurance in time for your summer holiday this year is because of the peace of mind which it will bring you. The lack of mobile phone insurance may leave you worrying about dropping your phone in the sea, losing it in the sand, forgetting it while in a club or simply dropping it onto hard concrete floor. With phone insurance, at least you’ll have the assurance that if something does go wrong, you’re covered.

It’s not expensive to get a mobile phone insurance plan which gives you 30 or 60 days of free holiday cover. Most people only go for a summer holiday which last two weeks or so, so it’s very likely that you won’t even use all the days which are included in your plan.

Mobile phone insurance is quite important anyway, but the need becomes greater if you go on holiday because often people are more likely to damage their phones or have them stolen by the locals. Make sure you put mobile phone insurance on your list of things to do this summer!


MyGadgetBuddy Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile phone insurance is very important to most people these days, especially since mobile phones are becoming more advanced and increasingly expensive to purchase. With all the costs of buying and keeping a phone, lots of phone owners don’t want to spend even more on expensive insurance, which is why MyGadgetBuddy offers affordable insurance that will cover everything you need.

If you take out specialist insurance for your gadgets, you will be covered against various things, including theft and accidental damage to your phone. If you lose your phone, you’ll be covered, and you can also get insurance for if you leave your home country. In some cases, insurance may not be valid if you go on holiday and lose your phone or it gets stolen, but specialist insurance from MyGadgetBuddy will cover all of this.

The prices of different insurance packages are very flexible, so the cost will depend on what type of phone you have. More expensive phones will be more expensive to cover, and insurance is also available for laptops, iPads and any other gadgets you might own. Discounts are also available if you insure five gadgets or more, so it’s worth insuring the whole family’s mobile phones!