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Best Mobile Phone Insurance Deals

For many people, losing their mobile phone is a real nightmare. Imagine losing your phone while on the bus, out shopping or at a party one Friday night. All your photographs, videos, memories, important information and contacts are lost and all you can think about is the expense of replacing your precious gadget.

For those who have insurance, there’s one less thing to worry about. If your phone can’t be recovered, at least you don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of pounds to purchase a new one. You might not think it can happen to you, but unfortunate things do happen, and it’s best to be prepared for the worse.

Since mobile phone insurance can be bought at quite cheap prices nowadays, you can still be covered even if you’re on a low budget. Some of the best mobile phone insurance deals are the cheapest ones, as even though they’re inexpensive, you’re still covered for all the most important things, like theft, accidental damage and loss. Budget Mobile Cover offers an insurance deal which covers your phone against those things from just £1.49 per month, and the excess is quite low too, making it affordable for everyone.


What is the Best Mobile Phone Insurance?

This is a question which will be answered differently depending on your experiences with certain companies, which companies you currently use and whether or not you would recommend a particular mobile phone insurance company.

Without a doubt, the best type of mobile phone insurance for many people will cover them against losses, theft, accidental damage, water damage and other things. It would also be quite cheap per month and have a low excess if anything went wrong and the owner had to make a claim. However, finding an insurance which is perfect for you can be quite difficult.

One of the companies which is considered to be the best is Protect Your Bubble. Insurance from this company will cover you against loss, theft and accidental damage, and will also cover you anywhere in the world. The monthly cost is quite low and the excess isn’t too expensive either.

Budget Mobile Cover is another company which is very cheap and has a lower excess than Protect Your Bubble. With a lower excess and a higher maximum cover, those on a budget should consider choosing this company for gadget insurance, whether it’s an iPhone, some other smart phone or a basic mobile phone.