Best Value Mobile Phone Insurance

When looking for mobile phone insurance which is great value for money, here are some of the most important things to consider before purchasing any policies.

Firstly, consider the monthly price. Most insurance companies will allow customers to pay for their insurance by the month, although others may require a one-off payment for the whole year. Normally, you can save money by paying for the whole year upfront, so if you can afford this, it might be worth doing in order to save some extra cash.

Next, you should check the excess on the policy. If there is an excess which would be too high for you to pay, you should look at another policy. Some have a very low excess, although these usually have a slightly higher monthly cost. Think about how much money you could afford to pay if something went wrong with your phone, and then look for an excess which is around this amount or preferably below.

Finally, make sure you thoroughly read all the features of the policy. You don’t want to take out a policy which does not cover against water damage if you work near water and your phone is likely to be damaged by water. Also remember that it might not be worth paying extra for features which don’t apply to you, e.g paying for overseas cover if you never go abroad.